Thursday, July 3, 2008; FAR, Theresa Franks, David Phillips use their website as a vehicle to perform smear campaigns on innocent people

Theresa Franks and David Phillips have some explaining to do. It seems that their FAR,aka: Fine Art has constructed an entire business and internet site whose main priority is to destroy the reputation of an art gallery that did not purchase registrations with Fine Art thought they were in the business of registering art online, (which it turns out is a highly questionable practice) not heading up a 24 hour a day, vicious smear campaigns against art galleries because they didn't want their services.My experience began when I was looking to register one painting. Actually I was wondering what 'registering' a painting meant exactly.When I arrived at the FAR site, it looked great. So much going on, but after a few minutes, it all seemed vague. I went onto the FAR Forum and this is where my tale begins.As a survivor of the civil rights movement in the early 60's I know hate speech when I hear it!The number of views on each posting regarding the gallery being attacked went up into the tens of thousands.Having spent a little time on the world wide web, I thought the numbers of visits to their forum were suspiciosly high.Since I wasn't doing anything else at the time, I decided to do a little research on where their 'visits' were coming from. I found out within 3 minutes. They are coming from China, the Phillipines, and other far away countries in huge numbers, literally in the hundreds of is a manufactured vitriolic public smear factory- if in fact, these are purchased visits.Next question: Who writes the checks for this endeavor and why? has been allowed to extort owners of large art collections for large sums of money because people in the art gallery business are incapable of fighting back. They have no clue how it is that thousands of people suddenly appear, calling them liars and cheats online. After years of building a reputable businesses and the trust of their communities, all anyone sees when they google their name is a string of vitriolic hateful accusations, 'LIARS! DALI FAKES! ART SACMS AT SEA!'. Well, all of the venomous accusations are, as it seems, purchased!Of course Theresea Franks was smart enough to know where to start with her campaign, she chose Salvador Dali prints. Everyone in the art world knows the constant controversy that errupts whenever someone is heard to say 'Hey I just bought some Dali's prints'.FAR goes on to condemn art auctions at sea. People have overpaid it seems for their items at an auction. Anyone who goes to auctions, any auction, cars, art, antiques, we all know that the theater of it is in how much someone is willing to go to get their hands on the object of their desire.Theresa Franks, FAR, had millions of dollars (7 million to be exact) to gain from bullying this particular art gallery into retaining their services.It seems that Fine Art Registry is GUILTY of the very thing that they are accusing others of doing...SCAMMING the public into thinking they are this 'consumer advocacy' organization that wants to register art. Trouble is they never earned their place in the art world, they bought it with pay per clicks in China, the Phillipines and 'other Countries'!Wow, Theresa Franks and David Phillips, fans- who are you?And if you have an issue, why not go through the existing legitimate channels?Try asking a question at, on their forum.When I tried I was banned 5 users come from these countries:United States 40.8% China 26.2% Australia 13.6% Philippines & Other countries 18.4%In the end I come away with the disturbing revelation that news on the internet can easily be manufactured. I know this is also true of print media. But just look at this organization, Theresa Franks & David Phillips,,( FAR ) who is accountable here?